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Victorinox Soldier based on 1961 design. The Victorinox 93mm series consists of some early fiber handles models, and the current very popular Alox (Aluminum) scaled models, which started with the Pioneer in 1957.
In 1961 the Pioneer was used as the basis for a new design of the official Swiss Army Soldier's Knife. These knives were official issue to the Swiss Army (and some others) until 2008.

The Alox models, as well as being slightly longer, have thicker tools, and a stronger construction (wider rivets), than their 91mm cousins, additionally, the Alox handles are much tougher than Cellidor. So this family is designed for harder use than the Cellidor knives. In the early days the Pioneer was known as the Sturdy Boy and even up until roughly 2017 the Pioneer series was labelled as the Sturdy Models on the Victorinox website.

A comprehensive catalog of a series of Alox special-runs ordered by individuals and sold to collectors and enthusiasts between 2009 and 2013, was compiled by marsax/Victor7000 of Multitool.org.

Note: The Alox scaled models were sometimes listed in (earlier) catalogs as 91mm, but actually measure 93mm.

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Alox handles (Pioneer Range)

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Pioneer Colours

All Black Farmer
All Black Farmer

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