Solo Alox

stock photo The Victorinox Solo Alox is a 93mm single layer knife with a single knife-blade.
Whilst the Solo does not have any of the typical Swiss Army Knife tools, it is an extremely robust knife that is easy to maintain. It can be carried on its own, but is also well suited to be paired with another Swiss Army knife as a backup or second blade, or as a larger blade when paired with a smaller model with more tools.
Note: Name disambiguation - There is also a 108mm Solo model.
Colored Solo Alox Models from South Africa
South Africa Colored Alox Variations from 2011

Layer Tools


Silver checkered Alox.


  1. The horizontal blade profile can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical, as used on other 93mm models, so that the reamer can be placed in the same layer and closed beside the main-blade.
  2. In 2010 a Black Alox Solo was produced with a special blade etching and the following text "Confoederatio Hevetica" on the bottom scale. According to information from a Switzerland based seller this was a limited run of 60 knives.
  3. In 2011 the South Africa dealer/distributor Sharp Edge  contracted for several different colored anodized Solo models. The different colors produced were Red, Black, Blue, Green, and Orange. All these feature the current scales with the silver Victorinox Shield logo. For this run the Green is a Dark Hunter-Green, the Red is a deep Maroon-Red, and the Orange is a bright Tangerine-Orange, such as we have been seeing on recent production models. All the knives appear to feature the symmetrical blade profile.
  4. In June 2013 Victorinox produced a special edition of numbered gold models with n/50 *2013* etched on the blade.
  5. In late 2013 Victorinox produced what would probably be the last special edition numbered 93mm alox models, the Kingfisher. It came with blue and orange scales, silver shield, a picture of the Kingfisher bird on the engraving panel, and the blade engraved n/100. A similar Pioneer model was issued at the same time.


The original model featured Red Alox with Swiss cross scales as per the other models in the Pioneer/93mm line, at the time.
The history of the horizontal symmetrical vs. asymmetrical blade profile is puzzling. Both older - original red Swiss cross scales, and later manufactured knives have been found with both blade profiles. Which blade is used seems to be fairly random!

In 2018 Victorinox started selling the knife under the name Swiss Army 1.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm
  • Width: 8.9mm
  • Weight: 44.8g


  • 53950 - US Model: Silver Alox Victorinox silver/red Shield logo .
  • 0.8000.20 Victorinox AN: Original Red Alox version with silver Swiss Cross logo
  • 0.8000.26 Victorinox AN: Silver Alox with silver/red Shield logo.
  • 0.8000.20R Victorinox AN: Red Alox with Victorinox logo (special run)
  • 0.8000.22R Victorinox AN: Blue Alox with Victorinox logo (special run)
  • 0.8000.23R Victorinox AN: Black Alox with Victorinox logo (special run)
  • 0.8000.24R Victorinox AN: Green Alox with Victorinox logo (special run)
  • 0.8000.79R Victorinox AN: Orange Alox with Victorinox logo (special run)

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  • Pioneer - The base 93mm Alox model: 2-layers - adding openers and the awl.

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