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Swiss Army Knives have a relatively small, but very loyal following in cyberspace.
Whether you are a collector looking for information on obscure models or variations, or you are a user looking for the best model to meet your needs and the best place to buy, there is a wealth of knowledge on the Internet for you. This page lists several (of course, not all) sites that are useful and poular with Swiss Army Knife users and collectors.

Please note that this page is not a recommendation or an endorsement of any of these sites. However, many SAK enthusiasts have found them to be valuable.

Discussion Sites

These sites provide a way to interact with other SAK enthusiasts, usually through a message board.

  • MultiTool.org Swiss Army Knights Forum - The current centre of SAK related discussions is MultiTool.org's Swiss Army Knights forum. MultiTool.org is a discussion and review site with information on Victorinox and Wenger SAKs/multitools - and also all other multitool brands
  • Facebook - Has several Swiss Army Knife groups - Please check Facebook for options

Enthusiasts' SAK Related Sites

Information Sites

These sites provide a wealth of information on Swiss Army Knives. Everything from model information and pictures, to articles and reviews can be found here.

  • Les Couteaux du Soldat de l'Armée Suisse - Website containing very detailed information on the evolution of the Swiss Army Soldier Knife (in English)
  • Smart Knives - Model by model information on Victorinox and Wenger models - similar to SAKWiki
  • Swiss Army Knights - The migrated posts from the former cyber home of the Secret Order of the Swiss Army Knife (SOSAK). Swiss Army Knights contains a lot of archived historical SOSAK forum posts. No longer active for new information (see www.MultiTool.org for that) - But old posts still there
  • Wikipedia Page - The regular Wikipedia page on Swiss Army Knives

Manufacturer's Sites

Official Victorinox and Wenger sites:

Sales Related Sites

Of course there are many, many sites to buy new Swiss Army Knives, these can be found using regular search engines for your location.
eBay has become a very popular place to buy second hand Swiss Army Knives and is a great place to buy regular recent models (eg recycled after airport seizures!). However has become very expensive for the older vintage models, as collectors seem to be willing to pay extremely high prices in the auctions.
Different sites may have access to different products and prices. Do your research before you buy!

The sites below provide a place to buy some custom Swiss Army Knives. Once again, there are many sites offering custom SAKs.

These sites are provided for information only. SAKWiki is not responsible for these sites, or any problems you may encounter with them.

To list your business here please contact the site admin at SAKWiki at gmail.com

Defunct Links

The following links were on earlier version of this page, but are now not working. They are left here for reference purposes only.

This page appears to be just routing the user to sales sites, and probably taking a commission in the process - Treat with caution!

  • AloxWorld - Information on Victorinox Alox scaled models

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Victorinox Models

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Wenger Models

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