Pioneer Pruner

Victorinox Pruner The Pioneer Pruner is a slim 93mm single-layer Alox model from Victorinox, with only two blades. The small blade is a more specialised hawkbill style, also known as the pruner blade.

It seems that this model is not known as the Pioneer Pruner in all markets, the name Pruner may just be used in the North American market, or be an unofficial name. For example in the 2017 Victorinox catalogue this model is referred to as the Swiss Army 2 (indicating two functions). It has had other names, or lack of a name, in the past!

Layer Tools


Silver ribbed Alox
Lime-green anodized scales were produced as a special-run of fifty knives in November 2012. Each of the knives from this run are numbered.


Lime-green Pruner
Lime-green Pruner

Before 1982 this was known as model number 2206.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm
  • Width: 8.8mm
  • Weight: 47.7g


  • 0.8060.26: Silver Alox with the Victorinox logo (US model number: 53967)
  • 0.8060.20: Red Alox with the plain silver cross

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