Victorinox Electrician Duo

A Victorinox Electrician Duo, created in a 2013 special run for SAK collectors and enthusiasts.  **Photo by: sticktodrom (MTO) edited for SAKwiki by ICFT. The Victorinox Electrician Duo is a 93mm Alox scaled knife featuring 3 different knife blades, that includes the small Sheepsfoot blade and the small Hawkbill blade. The Sheepsfoot blade has an electrian's notch and is engraved n/50. This model is also one of the few 93mm knives not to include the reamer tool. Others knives that include the two small blades are generally larger knives not designed to be carried, with the exception of the closely related model the Electrician Duo Plus.

2013 Special Run, not a regular production model. Discontinued model.

Layer Tools


Bright orange checkered Alox with lightning/high-voltage symbol in panel on bottom scale. See Variations for more details.

From SwissKnives.Info: "The orange color used for this Electrician DUO is a bit different from the orange used for other Alox. It’s similar to the shade of the orange Wilderness with black tools from 2010. It’s darker than the Electrician with red shield from 2012, but lighter than the Electrician’s Mate or the Electrician DUO plus."


  1. Orange scales with black Victorinox shield and black lightning symbol.
  2. Orange scales with red/silver Victorinox shield and red lightning symbol.


Only released in 2013 as a special run of 100 knives, 50 in each color combination, for collectors and enthusiast communities.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm


Due to the special run, the identifiers are unknown.

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