Pioneer Rancher

Victorinox Pioneer Rancher The Pioneer Rancher is a 93mm Victorinox knife with Alox scales replaces the typical can-opener tool with a small Hawkbill/Pruner blade.

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Silver Ribbed Alox


  1. Early models have Silver Alox scales with the silver Swiss cross.
  2. Advertising, or Premium scales, knives have featured various color anodized handles.
  3. In May 2011 Victorinox produced a limited numbered edition with Black Alox scales and black Swiss cross. The number was stamped (50/nn) in the engraving panel on the top scale.
  4. A special-run in March 2012 produced a Bright Green Pioneer Rancher for the collectors market. Limited to 50 knives, each knife is numbered with an engraving on the small pruner blade in the format "nn/50". This appears to be the first time this exact color has been used on a 93mm Alox, but may have been used in the past for promotional items.


  • 0.8140.20 Victorinox: Red Alox w/Cross
  • 0.8140.26 Victorinox: Silver Alox w/Logo

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