Victorinox Pioneer Woodsman The Victorinox Woodsman is a 93mm Swiss Army knife with red Alox scales.
It is sometimes referred to as the Pioneer Range Knife, or Alox Woodsman.
The original version of this knife can be hard to find, and is valued by collectors.

Discontinued Model

Name Disambiguation:
The name Woodsman appears to have been used several times, possibly differently in different markets. The 91mm Woodsman is one example of a different knife with the same name, early versions of the Huntsman were also called the Woodsman. This 1980 Canadian distributor catalog names model 0.8280.20 (aka the Midshipman) as the Woodsman!

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Red Alox scales with the 'Old Cross' logo.


The Woodsman was withdrawn from the Victorinox range in 1996. However some of the variations below were issued after that date.


  1. Also available with a shackle/bail. The Alox Woodsman was the only Alox model that was made with a bail until the mid-90s, even though bails were generally discontinued in the 70s. The reason is probably because the Woodsman cannot have a key ring attachment loop. This is due to that fact that, on the Woodsman, the two backsprings are side by side and there is no middle-liner with the key ring attachment loop, making the bail the only option for attachment. Note: This configuration also means that the Woodsman is the thinnest two-layer Alox model. Other Alox knives can be made with or without a ring on the middle liner.
  2. A yellow-gold anodized version was used for advertising the Bugnard company. This company used many different yellow-gold 93mm Alox models for advertising.
  3. In 2010 a limited run of fifty pieces was produced for a Switzerland reseller with light-grey anodized scales and VICTORINOX printed in black on the bottom scale panel. An older Victorinox 'extra quality' logo (often used on kitchen cutlery) was etched on the blade. Each knife was individually numbered n/50 with a blade stamp.
  4. The Woodsman with keyring was produced with orange Alox handles in September 2012 for collectors in a limited edition of fifty knives. Each knife is numbered and dated 2012 on the blade. This model included the later short Victorinox lanyard with an orange cord.
  5. A later variation was produced for a Turkish dealer featuring red scales showing the later (and current) Victorinox shield, as opposed to the Old Cross logo.
Alox Woodsman with Bail
Alox Woodsman with Bail

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm
  • Width: 10.5mm
  • Weight: 56.5g


  • 0.8040.20 - Red Alox with the Old Cross - Same identifier used for the last variation above

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