Delémont 65mm

Delémont NailClip 580 - No Red Dot In 2005 Victorinox took over Wenger, although they ran the two companies completely independently, with separate product lines, for several years. In 2012 Victorinox announced that they would cease production of Wenger Swiss Army Knives, and from 2014 only Victorinox branded knives were produced. However, Victorinox decided to continue manufacturing of some of the former Wenger models under the Victorinox Delémont  brand.

The three models in the list below, from the Wenger 65mm Evolution range, are still available as Victorinox Delémonts. Note: Victorinox retained the Wenger model numbers.

As part of the conversion from Wenger to Victorinox 65mm models the following alterations were made:
  • The toothpick and tweezers were changed from the Wenger to Victorinox versions
  • The scales were changed to non-wrap-around and of course swapped logos

The 65mm Delémonts can be viewed in this image, along with the (now discontinued) 74mm Victorinoxes.

Single layer

Two Layer

  • Wenger - The 'classic' (!) two-layer keychain knife. .... Note: Formerly known as the Executive 81

Three Layer

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Victorinox Models

Delémont Collection

Size Layers Pics
130mm 1 2 3 4 Image
85mm - 2 3 4 5 + Image
65mm 1 2 3 Image

Wenger Models

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