Electrician Duo Plus

This is a new configuration in a Victorinox 93mm Alox frame.  This knife is part of a short special-run from July 2011 of only 50 pieces.  Each knife is numbered on the small Electrician's/Sheepsfoot blade. The bright Orange (Tangerine) anodized Alox scales are also not very common.  The special electrical symbol in the panel has been seen on only 1 earlier Electrician Solo special.  Apparently there was a mistake during manufacturing and the knives needed to be disassembled and reassembled, This left a few extra marks around the rivets on some knives.  The Victorinox Electrician Duo Plus is a 93mm Alox scaled knife that was first released in 2011 as part of a special run of 50 knives. This knife is one of the few to have both the small Sheepsfoot and Hawkbill blades, and the others are generally larger knives not designed to be carried. The Sheepsfoot blade has been modified to include the electrian's notch and is engraved n/50. This model is also one of the few 93mm knives not to include the reamer tool.

Discontinued model

Layer Tools


Bright Orange checkered Alox with Lightning/high-voltage symbol in panel on bottom scale.




Only released in 2011 in a special run of 50 knives for a Switzerland seller dealing with collectors and enthusiast communities.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm


Due to the special run, the identifiers are unknown.

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