Pioneer Settler

Victorinox Pioneer Settler The Victorinox Pioneer Settler is a 93mm single layer Swiss Army Knife with Alox scales in a traditional jackknife format of a larger-blade and a small-blade.

Layer Tools


Silver Ribbed Alox. Historically red Alox scales were available, while other colors were available on advertising knives.


  1. Red Alox scales with the silver Swiss cross were made as a regular model at one time.
  2. Advertising versions often exist with scales in other colors.



  • 0.8050.20 Victorinox: Red Alox w/Swiss Cross, without key ring
  • 0.8051.20 Victorinox: Red Alox w/Swiss Cross, with key ring
  • 0.8050.26 Victorinox: Silver Alox w/Victorinox Shield
  • 4971 US SABI Model: Silver Alox w/Victorinox Shield

Related Knives

  • Pioneer Apprentice - a small Sheepsfoot blade replaces the small pen blade.
  • Pioneer Pruner - a small Hawkbill/Pruner blade replaces the small pen blade.
  • Pioneer - the base 93mm model, the small pen blade is releaces with a reamer, and an additional layer is added with cap-lifter/screwdriver and can-opener/small-screwdriver tools.

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