Electrician Solo

Victorinox Electrician Solo. Picture by victor7000. The Electrician Solo is a 93mm single-layer Alox scaled knife from Victorinox. This model is quite unusual in that it only contains a small electrician's sheepsfoot blade, which includes a wire-scraper/cutter.

Discontinued Model - Fairly rare.

Layer Tools


Silver ribbed Alox, with a Swiss Cross logo.


In 2011 a chartreuse-yellow and black-scaled version was produced in a short special-run of fifty knives. This version features the silver Swiss Cross, a numbered blade, and special bi-color coloured scales (chartreuse top, black bottom) with a black electric-graphic symbol in the printing panel on the top scale.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm


  • 2201: Silver Alox - An older numbering system
  • 0.8010.27: Silver Alox with a cross

Related Models

  • Electrician - Two-layers: adds a regular blade, reamer, and cap-lifter/screwdriver
  • Electrician Plus - Three-layers: adds a regular blade, reamer, cap-lifter/screwdriver and a wood saw
  • Solo Alox - A single-layer model with a single drop-point main blade
  • Pioneer Apprentice - Single-layer: adds a regular blade
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