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The Nail File is one of the three most common tools on the 58mm range of SAKS (along with the main blade and scissors).
The current Nail File in all frame sizes is created by a textured finish on one side of the tool, which creates a fine/soft cut. The end of the blade can be a pointed Nail Cleaner or straight Screwdriver tip. The Classic SD models contain the ScrewDriver-tip.

Early versions of the 58mm nail file used a standard crosscut file design, and were only available with the cleaner tip. 58mm Crosscut File

An earlier version of the Nail File, prior to YYYY, on 74mm knives had a different dual slotted textured file on one side of the blade and a more standard crosscut file on the opposite side. The crosscut side could be used as a more aggressive nail-file or used as a file of light materials. This design is now discontinued. A large textured file-surface version is also used on 74mm models.
74mm Nail File Shapes
74mm Nail File Designs

Unlike Wenger, where the nail-file is the regular partner to the main blade on its standard 85mm range, Victorinox usually install a second smaller blade. However a nail file appears on a few of the 84mm models such as the Cadet and Sportsman.

On larger 91mm knives the fine-side of some versions of the metal crosscut file can also be used as a nail-file.

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The 65mm textured metal Nail File is found on Esquire and other similar sized models. The end of the nail file is a nail cleaner. The 65mm Ceramic Nail File is found on the Lithos models, it is not known if it was included on other models. This is a nail file from a common Wenger Esquire 63mm knife.

The 85mm Nail File is found on various Wenger 85mm model knives. The end of the nail file is a nail cleaner, but reported to work well with many Phillips head screws as well. This is a Nail File from a common Wenger 85mm knife.
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