Victorinox Vagabond The Victorinox Vagabond is a 58mm Victorinox that falls between the Rambler and the MiniChamp in terms of tool selection; more than the Rambler, but a few less than the MiniChamp.  This model evolved from the early model the Mate.   
Discontinued model.

The Vagabond Alox edition was first introduced in 2012 by the dealer Swiss Bianco who commissioned a special run of these knives in Copper and Silver anodizing. Swiss Bianco Exclusive.

This Victorinox Vagabond with Copper Alox scales was produced for US Retailer Swiss Bianco in January 2013.  This is the first known production of the Alox handled Vagabond model.  It was also produced with Silver Alox handles at the same time.  This may also be the first time the Copper anodizing was used on the 58mm textured Alox scales.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Cellidor scales and comes in at least two colors: Red, and Ruby (translucent red).

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 11.7mm
  • Weight: 34.9g


  1. The earliest versions featured the Flat Screwdriver on the combo-tool, rather than the current Phillips screwdriver.
  2. The Vagabond has undergone some small evolutions basically related to the evolution of the basic tools.  Most of the changes relate to the cap-lifter/combo tool.  Originally, this tool did not include the wire stripper, but was added a few years after the Vagabond was originally introduced.  Later, the tip of this tool was changed from a flat head screwdriver to a Phillips head.  At the same time the nail file was changed from a nail cleaning tip to a screwdriver tip.
  3. The L.L. Bean edition was produced in Olive Green, one of their corporate colors.
  4. The Vagabond Alox edition is not a regular production model. This version was first produced by Victorinox in 2012 in limited quantity exclusively for dealer Swiss Bianco. The knives were produced with copper anodized handles, as well as in the standard silver anodizing. These models have a slightly different arrangement of the the tools in the layers, and they don't include the toothpick and tweezers since there is no room for them in the Alox scales.


The very similar model the Mate was introduced in 1995 which never had the wire-stripper notch. In 1997 Victorinox introduced wire-stripper on the combo-tool, so the introduction of the Vagabond would have been 1997 or slightly later. The date of the new Phillips-head combo-tool is not precisely known. The Vagabond is now discontinued.

The Vagabond configuration was reintroduced in 2012 in the Alox Vagabond model manufactured in a small quantity special run in December for the US retailer Swiss Bianco. The arrangement of the tools differs from the Cellidor version, but it features all the same tools. These were produced at this time in two variations with either Copper or Silver colored anodizing.


  • 56071 US Model: Red Scales

Related Knives

  • Mate - no wire-stripper notch, always has flat-screwdriver tip rather than replaces Philips-tip and cleaner-tip on nail-file.
  • Drifter - removes cut-and-picker blade, adds ruler and nail-cleaner or screwdriver depending on vintage
  • Rambler - remove cut-and-picker blade and emergency-blade.
  • MiniChamp - add cuticle-pusher and ruler, replaces toothpick with retractable pen.

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