Victorinox Jetsetter Series

Victorinox Jetsetter models 1-3, not including their USB flash drive variants. The Victorinox Jetsetter Series was introduced in 2012, replacing and the existing Bladeless model and adding new models, some are still (2017) available. See below. This development was largely dictated by the current (stupid?)  restrictions placed on air travel items.

In partnership with the Apple company, Victorinox introduced an additional three USB Flash Drive models of the Jetsetter which were sold in Apple stores. See below for details

There is also a more recent model, the Jetsetter@Work, that contains a USB drive.


The Jetsetter family featured the following common tools:

Jetsetter 1

To the common toolset adds the:

Withdrawn model

Jetsetter 2

To the common toolset adds the:

Withdrawn model

Jetsetter (originally Jetsetter 3)

As of 2017 the 1 & 2 models are withdrawn and the Jetsetter 3 is now simply known as the Jetsetter.
To the common toolset adds the:


This model became available in 2017, and to the common toolset adds the:

This model is only available in silver Alox scales, so removes the toothpick and tweezers.

Apple Flash Drive Jetsetters

Victorinox also introduced three Jetsetter models featuring a USB Flash Drive which includes security software specific to the Apple Macintosh, making these the first Macintosh specific devices from Victorinox.

They featured:

Jetsetter - Apple 8GB
Jetsetter - Apple 16GB
Jetsetter - Apple 32GB
  • Two-year warranty on electronics
  • Lifetime warranty on Swiss Army Knife components

Apple Software:

  • Security software to encrypt and safely store data; takes 5 megabytes of storage space
  • Private Web Browsing
  • Compatible with Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion OS, as well as Windows(not sure which features)

and the following tools common to all models:

The Apple models appear to be withdrawn, as of at least 2017 - probably much earlier.
They may have suffered the same software version problems as were found in the Victorinox Secure
- See 'History ' section.

8Gb Model

To the common toolset adds:

16Gb Model

To the common toolset adds:

32Gb Model

To the common toolset adds:


Introduced in 2012 in the Premiums market for the non Flash Drive versions.
The exclusive deal with the Apple Flash Drive models was announced in November 2012.
The Apple models may be withdrawn (2017)


  • 0.6263 - Jetsetter (3) with red Cellidor scales
  • 4.6261.26G16B1 - Jetsetter@Work - Alox
  • 58128 US Model: Jetsetter 3/ Jetsetter, red Cellidor scales

Related Knives

  • Bladeless - Same toolset as the Jetsetter 1.
  • Manicure - Similar to the Jetsetter 2 - But exchanging the toothpick for a pen.
  • Victorinox@Work/Signature Slim - Another 58mm SAK with a USB drive and the Signature toolset (small-blade, nailfile-SD, scissors, pen, tweezers)
  • Midnite Manager@Work - A 58mm SAK with a USB drive and the Midnite Manager toolset
  • SwissFlash - Series of models with flash-drive and 'Flight' versions.
  • Slim Flash - Just contains a flash-drive

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