Victorinox 84mm Sportsman with keyring The Victorinox Sportsman is an 84mm length knife that is quite slim with only 2 tool layers. This knife has all the classic Swiss Army Knife tools except the scissors (which are no longer being manufactured for 84mm knives as of 2008). The Victorinox Assistant is very similar, it has the same layer tools, but excludes the toothpick, tweezers and keyring. May only exist in economy version (2.3800).

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard scale options are red Cellidor or red scratch resistant nylon.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 13.7mm (Nylon Sportsman II: 14mm)
  • Weight: 52.1g (Nylon Sportsman II: 51.6g)


  1. Available without a keyring in some markets.
  2. The Ecoline Sportsman, also known as the Sportsman II in North America, has matte finish nylon scales, rather than the standard Cellidor scales.
  3. The Assistant is very similar, but has solid scales without toothpick or tweezers and no keyring.
  4. In 2008 Victorinox produced for the Chinese market 5 sets of 2008 knifes celebrating 5 events of the 2008 Peking Olympics: Hurdles, Soccer, Basketball, Diving, and Table Tennis. Each knife portrayed on its scale stylized color drawings of the particular event and was individually numbered nnnn/2008 on the liner behind the corkscrew.
  5. A special black and white Holstein cowhide patterned Cellidor model was also produced (2009). This model appears to have been limited to North America markets.
  6. A version with a printed picture of William Tell and his son, no keyring, was part of a 700 year anniversary set, including a cassette tape with Swiss music.
  7. The Canadian version was first introduced in 2011, featuring a large Maple Leaf print on the stop scale, with the Victorinox shield inlaid on the bottom scale.


  • 53132 US Model: Red Cellidor
  • 53532 US Model: Canadian Sportsman
  • 53796 US Model: Red Nylon Scales (Sportsman II) - boxed (same as 2.3803).
  • 59132 US Model: Red Nylon Scales (Sportsman II)
  • 0.3802 International Model: Red Cellidor no-keyring
  • 0.3803 International Model: Red Cellidor
  • 2.3800 International Model: Assistant Red Cellidor, silver hot stamped Elinox style shield.
  • 2.3803 International Model: Red Nylon Scales (Ecoline Sportsman)

Related Knives

  • Tourist - replaces nail file with a small blade
  • Tinker 84mm - replaces Corkscrew with Phillips screwdriver, and nail file with a small blade
  • Cadet - same front-side tools, no corkscrew, no reamer, Alox handles, no toothpick or tweezers
  • Alumnus - adds scissors layer

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