A Wenger Crusader 65mm with Toothpick and Tweezers and a Velvet Sleeve The Wenger Crusader is a small model with only a single tool layer, but with the double sided design features a small nail-file as well as a small pen-blade while remaining very thin and light weight. Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red synthetic scales are standard.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 65mm (Nominal)
  • Width: 8mm
  • Weight: 16g


  1. Microlight versions feature a small red LED light in the top scale.
  2. The President model is essentially the same knife but does not include the toothpick, tweezers, or keyring.
    • The President model (16928) has also been seen with the tweezers included.


Wenger 2002-2003 catalog says model 16928 (President) contains toothpick and tweezers, so there might be a variation on this model, or a catalog mistake.


  • 16119 - Fire Red Translucent Scales with Microlight.
  • 16924 - Standard Red Scales
  • 16928 - President model, no toothpick, or keyring, standard Red Synthetic scales. The tweezers may or may not be included, or there may be another variation.

Related Knives 

  • Esquire - adds Scissors
  • Crusader Money Clip - adds a money-clip and Alox scales, removing toothpick, tweezers, and keyring.
  • Image Escort - similar tools, 58mm Victorinox model
  • Image Escort - similar tools, 74mm Victorinox product
  • Image Money Clip - similar tools, 74mm Victorinox product with a Money Clip on the back

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