Victorinox Drifter

The Victorinox Drifter was first manufactured in April 2012 for the USA Dealer Swiss Bianco in limited quantity.  The first versions were done in Red anodized Alox handles and features that standard silver outlined Victorinox shield. The Victorinox Drifter is a 58mm Swiss Army knife first manufactured in 2012 with Alox handles for the United States dealer Swiss Bianco. This model further extends the tools available on the Rambler model with a ruler, nail cleaner, and small emergency blade, but remains a suitable size for a keychain.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools



The first revision of the Drifter released in April 2012 featured red anodized Alox scales.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width:
  • Weight:




First introduced in April 2012, manufactured exclusively for United States dealer Swiss Bianco. The first models were manufactured in limited quantity and featured red anodized Alox handles.


Related Knives

  • Mate - replaces ruler/screwdriver with the cut&picker blade, and replaces Phillips with straight edge.
  • Rambler - removes emergency blade, nail-cleaner, and ruler
  • Vagabond - adds cut-and-picker tool, removes ruler; tools vary slightly with vintage
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Victorinox Models

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