Rucksack The Rucksack is a 111mm Victorinox knife with a locking plain edge blade.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

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Red Nylon - contains grey slider lock-release

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 17.8mm
  • Weight: 101g


  1. In 1988 Victorinox offered a special edition knife in the German market recognizing the GSG9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9), a special German Border Police Group. This knife has green nylon scales with a special emblem on them.
  2. The above mentioned GSG9 this knife was not the official issue knife for the group. The official knife for the German Border Police was the BGS, a variation replaced the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver, in addition to having green nylon scales with a different emblem and “BUND” laser etched on the main blade.
  3. In some markets the Rucksack is available with a 3/4 serrated blade.
  4. Swiss Market model with special scales having several white crosses.


  • 53661 US: standard configuration
  • 0.8863 Victorinox AN: standard configuration
  • 0.8863.MIG Swiss Model: Red Nylon with lots of white crosses (produced for a department store in Switzerland)
  • 0.8863.W Victorinox AN: Has a 3/4 serrated (a.k.a Wavy) blade.

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