Victorinox Traveller The current Traveller model is a 91mm Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox that is based on the Climber, extended with the combined electronic features of both the Voyager and Altimeter models.
This model has the same same layer tools as the Climber, adding the 2006 electronic scales which include the altimeter, barometer, and thermometer functions from the Altimeter, in addition to the timer and clock functions from the Voyager.

Name Disambiguation: The original Traveller (1.3702/54591) was a an earlier model that was identical to the Climber before the multipurpose-hook was added, but without the keyring.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

Digital Electronic Tools
Altimeter/clock modes of the Traveller


The Traveller comes with translucent red nylon scales with a digital display. The logo is red and white and also serves as a switch to control the display.



Victorinox had produced several models with timer/clock capabilities such as the TimeKeeper, Voyager and TimeKeeper Alarm and also the Altimeter with meteorological functions. The barometer and timer functions of these models were amalgamated with the introduction of the current Traveller model announced in April 2006. The Traveller Lite (1.7905) was also announced at this time.

The original Traveller model, a predecessor to the current Climber, was likely introduced in the later 1970s. It was unavailable in North America after the mid 1980s, however the keyring/no-keyring variations are often available in other markets and can appear off-and-on, if a larger order is requested by a reseller or distributor.


  • 1.3705.AVT Victorinox AN: 2006 Traveller
  • 1.3702 Victorinox AN: Original 1970 Traveller Climber with no keyring.
  • 54591 US Model: Original 1970 Traveller Climber with no keyring.

Related Knives 

  • Traveller Lite - Adds light and Phillips head screwdriver
  • Voyager - No meteorological functions in the digital display
  • Altimeter - Omits the clock/alarm/timer features from the digital display
  • Climber/Original Traveller - Omits Plus-Scales and electronic tools in scales
  • Expedition Lite - Adds light, Phillips head screwdriver, metal saw, wood saw, fine screwdriver, and chisel

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