Soldier 2008

New Victorinox 2008 Soldier Design In 2008 Victorinox released a redesigned Soldier (a.k.a the Soldier Knife) - A 111mm knife which features a one-handed-opening and locking blade, as well as a locking  cap-lifter/screwdriver tool. The knife blade is partially serrated with the serrations appearing on the forward section of the blade, and the plain edge starting at the tang.
The new Soldier Knife is based on the earlier 111mm OH-GAK (One Handed German Army Knife), which was also released in a civilian model known as the Trekker.
The new design added a wood-saw to the Soldier’s tool set, which was a much sought after feature of the original GAK. Perhaps just as useful is the new locking screwdriver. The screwdriver is considerably stronger than its predecessor, and combined with its solid liner-lock, now really functions well as a small prying tool. The prominent hole near the top of the spine on the main blade serves as a thumb catch that allows the blade to be easily deployed with only one hand. The new green scales with embossed grip sections have a softer velvety feel compared to the standard 111mm scales.

See also: Earlier 93mm Alox Soldier.

Liner Lock for Blade
Liner Lock for Main Blade

Layer Tools

Liner Locking Caplifter / Prybar
Locking Caplifter / Prybar

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools



This model is the first to feature new solid scales that are green and black. Victorinox reported the handles are injection molded with Polyamide 6 and TPE-U for the softer (green colored) material.


In 2008 Victorinox formally retired the existing Alox Soldier 1961 which was based on a 1961 design, and introduced the new 111mm design.
Victorinox reported the Federal Department of Defense contract for the new Soldier Knife consisted of an order for 75,000 Soldier’s Knives plus cases to be worth CHF 1.38 million.
The new Soldier Knife was slated to be issued to troops during the first basic training sessions of 2009. The earliest versions of this knife have a 08 tang stamp. Prior to the release of the 2008 Soldier Victorinox had developed a Liner Lock system and released the Trekker, and several other 111mm knives, with the new locking blade and cap-lifter as retail products, and these features were used on the new Soldier. The Liner-Lock design was also used in the updated 111mm One-Handed German Army Knife known as the OH-GAK.


  1. In mid 2009 Victorinox made a special run of 100 knives for Swiss Bianco with a Plain-Edged main blade, Corkscrew, and 09  tang stamp. Some were produced without the 09 on the tang.
  2. A special First Production Run  limited edition model was released specifically for collectors with the much sought after year 08  tang stamp, and First Production Run / n of 1000 U.S.A.  printed on the blade.
  3. In 2008 Victorinox produced a special military limited edition (0.8461.LTD08) of 100 knives exclusively for the Italian market. The knife’s blade was etched lengthwise nn/100  with 08  on the tang. It came in a military style brown wooden box with a numbered guarantee certificate that matched the number on the blade and signed by M. Kunzi, Victorinox’s distributor for Italy.
  4. In July 2010 a very limited edition of 25 knives was produced with a special 1291  crest on the scales, and a serial number 25/n  stamped on the blade. The tang stamp was10, for 2010, the year of production.
  5. The first 2011 Soldier to appear is a special Swiss Soldier with a corkscrew instead of a Phillips screwdriver. This special edition was created for the Swiss Swiss military association for non-commissioned officers ASSO (Yverdon-les-Bains region), is numbered, and limited to 100 pieces. It is unknown if special editions were created for other chapters of ASSO.
1291 Limited Edition
1291 Limited Edition

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 17.7mm
  • Weight: 128.9g


  • 53945 US Model: (Green/Black Scales)
  • 54945 US Model: (Green/Black Scales) ‘First Production Run’ variation with ‘08’ Tang Stamp.
  • 0.8461.MWCH Victorinox Model (Green/Black Scales)
  • 0.8461.MW04DE Victorinox Model (GAK 111)

Related Knives

  • Trekker - A predecessor and civilian version of this knife - Includes the 111mm OH GAK
  • Soldier 1961 - The previous 93mm Alox scaled Soldier’s Knife
  • Soldier 1951 - 93mm fiber handled Soldier’s Knife with bolsters
  • Soldier Model 1890 - The original 100mm Soldier Knife

Victorinox 111mm Linerlock Model Comparison

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