Swiss-Star Oboe Knife

Swiss-Star Oboe Knife. Picture by ColoSwiss. The Swiss-Star Oboe Knife Swiss-Star Oboemesser is a specialized Reed Knife designed by Oboes.ch in collaboration with Wenger, and Klötzli of Switzerland.
It features two special blades designed by oboists specifically for reed maintenance.

This knife is distributed exclusively through Oboes.ch, and while it belongs to the Wenger 120mm Series, it is unlike any other in the series, due to its specialized purpose.

130mm Version
130mm Version
Swiss-Star Oboe Knife 130mm. Pictures by Gim.
Different blade grinds
Different blade grinds

Layer Tools

  • Reed pre-scraping blade
  • Extra fine blade for reed-finishing

The blades are thick, but beveled to a fine edge, with a different bevel angle on each blade.
They are used for scraping the reeds found in woodwind instruments.
One blade is used for general work whilst the other is designed for finer work near the tips of a reed.
They are not made from the typical Wenger knife steel, rather 440-C-special steel, hardened to 59-60HRC.
Both blades are non-locking.


Available with ‘New’ and ‘Old’ Ranger scales in red or black nylon.


Available in left or right handed versions: The Left handed version simply bevels the blades in the opposite direction, making it easier for left handed use.


The Swiss-knife Star oboe was developed in a collaboration between oboes.ch, Wenger, and Klötzli of Bern. The knife is exclusive to Oboes.ch which makes it available through its resellers.
The company Oboes.ch was founded in 1990 by Renato Bizzotto, an oboist with many years of orchestral experience (Zurich Symphony Orchestra, Aargau Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Radio Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Zurich Opera Orchestra ...)

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