This is the Sandbox. Here you can practice working on pages in the Wiki. Nothing done here will be saved. You can edit it as you please and then click Preview. This will show the results of your work. You are encouraged to play around in here to your hearts content. Practice the syntax to get a good handle on how to edit things in wiki format.

Make whatever changes you wish to see on this page, and then click the 'preview' button below to see the results.

First we'll start with some basic formatting:

Any text that is between two underlines will be bold, like this: Hi! I'm bold text!
Any text that is between three equals will be underlined, like this: Hi! I'm underlined!
Any text that is between two single apostrophes will be italic, like this: Hi! I'm italitic! - Note that these are two single apostrophes together, NOT a quote!

Tables can be done with the bar: |
Two bars start the table, and separate rows, single bars separate cells.

Row 1, Column 1Row 1, Column 2Row 1, Column 3
Row 2, Column 1Row 2, Column 2Row 2, Column 3

Bulleted lists can be done by simple putting a asterisk at the front of each row:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Numbers lists can be done by adding a pound sign at the front:

  1. First line
  2. Second line
  3. Third line

You can create a table of contents by using the maketoc command:

After this command, all headers and sub-headers will be listed. Headers are created by an explanation mark at the beginning of the line. One for a level 1 header, two for level 2, and thee for level 3.

Header level 1

Header level 2

Header level 3

Level 1

level 2

level 3

3 again...

3 a last time.

level 2 again

level 3

And back to level 1.

Finally, setting up links: Any time you put "squished text" together, Wiki will assume it's supposed to be a link. For instance, SwissArmyKnife is assumed to be a link because you have multiple capital word together. You can also force a link by enclosing it with double parentheses. For instance, This is a link. Finally if you want to use squished text without making it a link, do it this way: ))SwissArmyKnife(( will NOT be a link.

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