Yeoman Mechanic - Swiss Bianco

This Victorinox Yeoman Mechanic model was part of a special run made for the US dealer Swiss Bianco by request. The 91mm Victorinox Yeoman Mechanic is an exclusive special run for the dealer Swiss Bianco. This model extends the very popular Yeoman model to 4 layers with the addition of the Pliers; the main feature of the 91mm Mechanic.Victorinox manufactured the first knives in August/September 2011. Prior to this Swiss Bianco had assembled a couple of prototypes.Apart from the Swiss Bianco version, Victorinox also made an unknown number of Yeoman Mechanics for the French company Heuliez. This version had the older style magnifying glass, no nail file on the hook and green plus scales with an inlaid Heuliez logo on the front and a printed one on the back scale. It came in a matching pouch made of green fabric, also with the Heuliez logo.Currently availability is limited to a small special run so this model is very uncommon.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Translucent Ruby Red 'Plus' scales, but other colors may be available.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 23.5mm
  • Weight: 119g



First official models produced by Victorinox for Swiss Bianco in August/September 2011.


Related Knives

  • Yeoman - no pliers.
  • CyberYeoman - replaces pliers with bit-driver and bit-holder; special model for Swiss Bianco.
  • Mechanic - regular opener-layer, small-blade, no in-line Philips, no magnifier, and other differences.

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