Original Victorinox Yeoman w/ BSA scales (c. 1996) and SwissBianco Limited Edition Yeoman (2006) The Victorinox Yeoman is a 3-layer 91mm knife with a very useful set of tools. The knife is similar to the Explorer, providing the same basic functionality in a smaller 3-layer model. This model is very popular with collectors.

Discontinued model.

Pictured: Original Victorinox Yeoman and SwissBianco (+B) Yeoman Limited Edition #1.

Layer Tool

Back Layer Tool

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor scales. The +B Run#1 included red Cellidor Plus scales. The +B Run#2 used black Cellidor Plus scales.


  1. The Boy Scout version of the original Yeoman adds BS logo on the scales.
  2. In 2007 Victorinox made 2 limited runs for Roger Remund (aka +B or SwissBianco), creating what is known as the +B Yeoman. Both runs contained the 2007 version of the Magnifying Glass, and Plus-Scales. The original Yeoman had the Magnifying Glass & Phillips in the top layer, the SwissBianco editions put these tools in the middle layer and moved the Scissors to the top layer. The SwissBianco editions also add a nail file/match striker to the back of the Multipurpose Hook.
  3. In 2010 SwissBianco offered the Yeoman Mk. III, with the same layer configuration as the previous SwissBianco versions. This 3rd limited run was offered with 3 scales choices; Yellow, Translucent Blue (Sapphire), or Stay Glow; Unfortunately these scale options were not Plus Scales and thus didn't include the ballpoint pen. After the first batch was released, and no doubt some complaints, SwissBianco started offering the Yeoman Mk. IIIp (the p designator is unofficial), that included proper Red or Yellow Plus scales. The exact number is unknown, but more are expected to be assembled so technically these could still be available (08/2010). The naming of this limited run (Mk. III) makes little sense, which appears to be a Swiss trait.


Officially discontinued in YYYY. However, in 2007 Victorinox made 2 limited runs for Roger Remund (aka +B or ))SwissBianco(() see Variations. The first run was limited to 40 pieces, the second run was limited to 60 pieces.

It has been speculated that the Yeoman was a US only model, probably on the request of the distributor Swiss Army Brands.

The distributor Swiss Army Brands is largely considered responsible for confusion around this model. After the model was discontinued it appears they substituted models, or shipped, BSA Explorers under the BSA Yeoman name. Old incorrect photos of the BSA Yeoman are often used in advertising for the BSA Explorer. Several problems on dealer websites and ebay with the naming and photos has no doubt caused some grievance, not to mention incorrect purchases.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 18.35mm (BSA Version), 18.5mm (+B LE Version)
  • Weight: 86.2g (BSA Version), 80.25g (+B LE Version)


  • 54791 US Model
  • 57791 US Blister Package
  • 1252 US SABI#: BSA Model

Related Knives

  • Explorer - replaces Combo Tool with small blade, adds standard opener layer and reamer.
  • Scientist - removes Scissors and Hook.
  • Compact - removes Phillips and Magnifier Glass.

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