WorkChamp XL

Workchamp XL. 0.9064.XL The WorkChamp XL is a very large 111mm Swiss Army Knife with ten tool layers.
The original version of this knife was slide-locking. It was converted to be liner-locking in 2017.

The Workchamp XL contains nearly every tool Victorinox makes for the 111mm slide-lock series. It is only missing the back-side Phillips screwdriver, and the small gutting blade of the Hunter.
It also features a couple tools that appear to be unavailable on any other 111mm models, these being the clip-point blade* and the back-spring fine screwdriver.
The newer liner-lock 111mm knives do feature some more recent tools that were never included in the slide-lock series or this knife.

According to Victorinox, this model was designed for the collector !

Layer Tools

WorkChamp-XL Closed
WorkChamp-XL Closed

* In the original version:
The main blade was slide-locking - The screwdriver was not locking
The seatbelt cutter was replaced by a Large Clip Point Blade

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard scratch resistant red Nylon


A rare variation (of slide-lock version) replaces the cap-lifter/screwdriver with the small gutting blade opposite the can-opener.


In 2017 Victorinox completely revised their 111mm product line and ceased production of slide-lock models.
The WorkChamp XL was converted to be liner-locking as part of that change.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Height: 31mm (maximum)
  • Width: Slide-lock: 41mm;   Liner-lock:- 41 mm
  • Weight: Slide-lock: 313;   Liner-lock:- 341 g


  • 0.8564.XL - Victorinox AN: Liner-lock, red Nylon scales
  • 0.9064.XL - Victorinox AN: Slide-lock, red Nylon scales
  • 53771 - US Model: Liner-lock, red Nylon scales

Related Knives

  • WorkChamp - No rescue blade, clip-point blade, equestrian hook, combo tool, or marlinspike

Victorinox 111mm Liner-lock Model Comparison
Victorinox 111mm Slide-lock Model Comparison

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