Woodsman 91mm

Victorinox Woodsman The Woodsman is a 91mm Victorinox knife and one of the few to contain the Magnifying Glass tool.
This model appears to be quite rare.
It is similar to the popular Explorer, adding a Woodsaw to its tool set.

Discontinued model.

Name Disambiguation:
The name Woodsman has been used for several models at different times, and maybe differently in different markets. The 93mm Alox Woodsman is one example of a different knife with the same name, the 91mm Woodsman was an earlier model, very similar to the current Huntsman.

Layer Tools

Victorinox Woodsman

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red Cellidor


In honor of the 130th anniversary of the company's founding, Victorinox issued two new versions of the Woodsman for the Mexican market. One version came with red Cellidor scales, the other with ruby translucent scales. Both came in Nylon pouches with small black lanyards in special cardboard presentation boxes. They were both identified with the same number: 1.6713P15.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm


  • 35755 US Model
  • 1.6713 Victorinox AN

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