Whitetail Deer

Victorinox Whitetail Deer or 'Deer Hunstman' variation. A member of the SMKW Wildlife Series. **Photo By: Coloswiss, processing by ICFT. The Victorinox Whitetail Deer is a 91mm Swiss Army Knife that was part of the Smoky Mountain Knife Works (SMKW) exclusive Wildlife Series.
Its toolset is similar to the Hiker model, but with the SMKW unique Wildlife Series scales, and featuring an extra layer containing an inline Phillips screwdriver and an LED Light (similar to the Spartan Lite ), also the very unusual feature of a fine screwdriver tool replacing the standard backside reamer (in common with all Wildlife Series models).
The inclusion of both Phillips screwdrivers on a single knife is very uncommon.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

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Hunter green Cellidor with a color print of a whitetail deer and the white lettered printing WHITETAIL DEER.


This knife, along with three others, were part of an exclusive Wildlife Series that Victorinox manufactured for a prominent American dealer the Smoky Mountain Knife Works (SMKW). This model was originally labeled the Deer Huntsman in advertising, but as it is missing the scissors it is not really related to the Huntsman, being more of an enhanced Hiker.
In 2009 the Wildlife Series models started to be available from a few other dealers as remaining stock was being cleared out/liquidated.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm


59684: US Model - Hunter green Cellidor scales and boxed

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Other models in the Wildlife Series

Standard Models

  • Hiker - Removes the LED light and inline-Phillips layer; the fine-screwdriver is replaced by a reamer
  • Huntsman Lite - Add scissors; replaces the back Phillips with corkscrew, and the fine-screwdriver with a reamer
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