Wenger and EKA - Wood Collection

The Wood Collection is one of Wenger's premium Star Lines, and was produced in conjunction with the Swedish cutler EKA.
Each company offered three knives, which had similar curved bubinga wood handles made by EKA, and which were marketed jointly.
The three Wenger versions are shown below. The complete collection is shown in a Wenger 1992-1995 French catalog (pg. 58, pg. 59).

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Esquire | Commander | Traveler
Esquire | Commander | Traveler
Commander | Traveler | Executive Major
Commander | Traveler | Executive Major

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Esquire | Commander | Traveler | Executive Major
Esquire | Commander | Traveler | Executive Major

Additional Model

In addition to the three Wood Collection Wengers, Wenger and EKA collaborated on another wooden-handled model based on the Traveler.
This was the Executive Major (EM-1), which featured a more conventional straight wooden handle without the brass screws.

It is shown on the right in photo right and above.

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