Wenger VIP

2 different models of Wenger VIP's side by side The Wenger VIP (or V.I.P.) is a little a bit of an outsider as it was the last, and only 75mm Swiss Army Knife made for some time.
This model is essentially the same as the 65mm Esquire for tools, but it's larger measuring 130mm fully opened. Available with and without a keyring.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red synthetic scales are standard

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 75mm (metal handle variation is 69.25mm)
  • Width: 9.45mm
  • Weight: 29.8g


  1. Keyring version includes a small split-ring.
  2. A Metal (possibly Pewter) handled series of 4 knives, three of them are known as the Nature Series, and contain an embossed image of a Eurasian Otter, Snow Leopard, or Polar Bear; the 4th knife has no image, just horizontal ribbing.
  3. This tool configuration was also produced for the SwissBuck line as the PocketMate.
  4. A special edition Switzerland 700yr Anniversary Commemorative with black scales and tri-colored 700yr and Swiss-Cross logo.


According to published sources this knife was first released around 1976.


  • 16930 Wenger US: No Keyring
  • 1.83.49 Wenger AN: Metal scales, straight ribbing.
  • 1.83.50 Wenger AN: Nature Series; Metal scales, straight ribbing with Snow Leopard on bottom scale.
  • 1.83.51 Wenger AN: Nature Series; Metal scales, straight ribbing with Eurasian Otter on bottom scale.
  • 1.83.52 Wenger AN: Nature Series; Metal scales, straight ribbing with Polar Bear on bottom scale.

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