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From Wenger
2013 is a very special year for the WENGER brand. First, we are celebrating our 120th birthday. Secondly, it is the last year in which WENGER knives are being produced. To mark this occasion, we have decided to design an exclusive limited collection that demonstrates the innovation and internationality of the WENGER brand.

The Limited Edition was presented in a beautiful wooden box containing six Swiss Army Knives, all bar one, with wooden handles made of woods from the five continents of the world - see Models and the booklet below. The box also included a certificate, and a booklet containing information about the history of the Wenger company; the woods used; the models themselves; and their tools.


The images show the continent and associated wood for each model.

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Evolution 14
Thuja Wenger United-Woods / Africa / Thuya / Evolution 14
Evolution S557
Swiss Army Knife Red Cellidor Wenger United-Woods / Delémont, Switzerland / Evolution S557
Evolution 17
Olive Wenger United-Woods / Europe / Olive / Evolution 17
Ranger 60
Maple Wenger United-Woods / Americas / Maple / Ranger 60
Nail Clip 580
Makassar Wenger United-Woods / Asia / Makassar / Nail-Clip 580
Ranger 55
Jarrah Wenger United-Woods / Oceania / Jarrah / Ranger 55

There is an error in the images above, which was also reflected in the United Woods booklet. It shows the Evolution 14 and 17 having toothpicks and tweezers - which is not the case. The booklet contained an 'erratum' pointing out the error! (which was also made for the Nailclip 580).

Product Codes

  • 16993 / AF.
  • EAN: 7611640256547
  • UPC: 029621169934


Adobe PDF File
Press Release (English) - PDF format
Series Booklet (German) - PDF format
A beautiful hard copy of this booklet, in three languages: French, German and English, was included in the boxed set.

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