Wenger Tweezers

The tweezers for Wenger knives are also stored in the scales of the knives, and their small head make them less visible than their Victorinox equivalent parts. The tweezers for 65mm and a 85mm sized Wenger knives are almost identical. The difference between the two parts is only the shape of the tweezer-head. The 85mm part is angled to follow the contour of the scales, making it only fit properly into one side of the knife. The 65mm version has a straight head and fit into either scale. The 65mm tweezers will also fit 75mm sized knives. Fine Tweezers
A popular modification to Swiss Army Knives is the sharpen the tip of the tweezers either to a center point, or edge point like manicure tweezers. The 85mm Minathor series knives come from the factory with Fine Tweezers that are sharpened to a very fine tip at one edge. These are the only models know to contain these tweezers.
Comparison shot of the 2 Wenger sizes of tweezers. The one with the angular head fits the larger size 85mm knives while the smaller one fits any of the smaller size knives.
85mm Fine Tweezers next to Regular
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