Wenger Switzerland Series

Wenger Switzerland Series The Wenger Switzerland Series features thematic versions of the Evolution 10 model containing the same layer tools and decorated in four different iconic Swiss images.

The images in the series are: Post Bus, Chocolate, Cheese and Cow.


Layer Tools

Wenger Switzerland Series
The four models

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Evolution series ergonomic plastic scales with four different typically Swiss images.


The Series was introduced in 2012 and produced until the fall of 2013 when Wenger ceased production of Swiss Army Knives.


  • Post Bus (EvoPostAuto.P1)
  • Chocolate (EvoChoco.P1)
  • Cheese (EvoCheese.P1)
  • Cow (EvoCow.P1)

Related Models

  • EVO 10 - The standard model used for the Switzerland Series

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