Wenger Soldat 1951

Wenger Soldat - 1951 Model Soldat is the name used to refer to the Wenger Soldier Knife.

For a decade from 1951 through to 1961 the 93mm fiber handled design, which was a scaled down version of the original 100mm 1890 Model, was the official issue to the Swiss Army.

Wenger also issued a red 'grilon' plastic handled version of this model in the latter half of its life.

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The military knives do not include the toothpick and tweezers of the civilian knives, presumably because they are deemed not required for military personnel.


Usually brown fibre, also red grilon.


  • 1954 Variation: (More information and images needed)
  • Grilon Handles: A version of the Soldat made only by Wenger with red grilon handles. This model is much less common and is actively sought by collectors.
    (More information and images needed)

History and Soldier / Soldat Evolution 

  • The Swiss Army knife was first issued in 1891 and was known as the Model 1890 - Standard Issue and was 100mm in length
  • In 1951 the Model 1890 was scaled down to 93mm, resulting in this lighter weight, smaller model
  • In 1961 the Soldier Knife was completely redesigned, based on Victorinox's Pioneer model and this resulted in the 93mm Soldat 1961 - Standard Issue. In 1960 and 1961 only Wenger issued the 1951  version, with the new 1961 version first being issued in 1962. Again production was split between the two companies. This model was issued to troops for nearly another 50 years until 2008.
  • In 2008 the Soldier was completely redesigned once again, this time creating the 111mm Soldier Knife, which was manufactured and issued solely by Victorinox.
    Note: By this time Victorinox had taken over the Wenger company (although their product lines were still independent).

Since it was first issued to Swiss troops in 1891, a Swiss Army Knife has been issued to the military intake every year to the present day.
The year of manufacture is stamped on the tang of the main blade.

For more information on the evolution of the military Swiss Army Knife - See the Victorinox 1890 and 1961 Soldier pages.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm
  • Width: 14mm
  • Weight: 93g

Related Models

  • Soldat 1890 - The original Wenger 100mm Swiss Army Knife
  • Soldat 1961 - The 1961 redesign of the Soldier Knife in 93mm with Alox handles


  • Soldier 1951 - The Victorinox version of the 1951 Soldier's Knife

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