Wenger Serrated Tool Chest

Wenger Serrated Tool Chest model 19406. **Photo by GigaHz; additional processing by ICFT. The Wenger Serrated Tool Chest is a large nine-layer 85mm Swiss Army Knife very similar to the Tool Chest, but with a serrated main blade and a small plain-edged blade replacing the nail-file.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

The small chain was not always supplied with this model

Scale Tools


Standard red synthetic scales

Physical Specifications 

  • Length: 85mm


  • 16406: Red scales (US Model Number)

Related Models

  • Snap Shackle - Large - Eight layers; removes the pliers; a nail-file replaces the small blade
  • Tool Chest - Non-serrated blade; a nail-file replaces the small-blade; the universal wrench replaces the snap-shackle; removes the wood saw and fishing tool

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