Wenger Scissors

The Scissors are a common tool on many Swiss Army knives, and might be considered one of the distinguishing features of these famous multi-blade knives.

Wenger 65mm Backspring Powered -- Side-1
Wenger 65mm Backspring Powered -- Side-1

Wenger 65mm Backspring Powered -- Side-2
Wenger 65mm Backspring Powered -- Side-2
Wenger knives have had many changes to their scissors design over the years. The scissors were never produced for the 93mm models.

In the earlier years the Wenger scissors were made very similar to the Victorinox models using the same spring system and straight edged blades. According to published works Wenger changed to their current lever-type integral spring design in 1972, which also included the new micro-serrated cutting edge.

  • Produced in 65mm, 75mm, 85mm and 120mm sizes.
  • The 120mm size scissors (also referred to as Shears) are a folding design with straight edge cutting blades, but using back springs on the knife for automatic opening.
  • The current blades on the scissors smaller than 120mm are micro-serrated.
  • The "lever" type spring system that uses a back spring inside the knife is robust.

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