Wenger RangerWood 161

Rangerwood 161 (150 years SAC) The Wenger RangerWood 161 is a limited edition two-layer 130mm Ranger produced in 2012 for the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC-CAS) to celebrate their 150th anniversary: 1863 - 2013.
150 years SAC blade etching
150 years SAC blade etching

Layer Tools

RangerWood 161.P1.CAS
RangerWood 161.P1.CAS

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools



Wooden scales with the SAC (Swiss Alpine Club) logo.


Three different models were produced:

  • The RangerWood 161 (main photo) was made in a limited production run of 200 units. The box and the main blade both feature the 150 years logo, with the Club's slogan: More Than Just Mountaineering, in German, French, Italian and Romansh. The SAC-CAS logo is also located on the back scale.
  • The RangerWood 161.P1.CAS (see above) does not feature any etching on the main blade; has a different SAC-CAS logo on the box; the Swiss Alpine Club emblem is imprinted on the front scale.
  • A third model was produced that shows only 150 and the Club's logo on the main blade, omitting the slogan. This model has the Club's logo on the front scale. Its box identifies it as It is currently unknown how many of these were produced or whether its numbers were included in the total of 200.


SAC-CAS emblem
SAC-CAS emblem

These models were produced at the end of 2012 and also sold during early 2013

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 130mm


  • RangerWood 161
  • RangerWood 161.P1.CAS

Related Models

  • Ranger 61 - The regular version of this model with plastic scales and a plain-edged blade
  • Ranger 60 - A Phillips screwdriver replaces the corkscrew
  • RangerWood 55 - Wooden scales; standard main blade; the adds saw layer

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