Wenger RangerGrip 95 - Rescue II

Wenger RangerGrip 95 catalog The Wenger RangerGrip 95 is, along with the RangerGrip 88 model, one of the largest knife in the New Ranger series with 5 tool layers. The main difference with the Rangergrip 88 is the introduction of a corkscrew, which replaces the cylindrical designed reamer of the previous model. The rubber insert may have, for the models sold in Bulgaria, a laser etching including the emblem of the Bulgarian 'Mountain Rescue Service'.

This knife has limited production (see the History section below).

It was only available in limited numbers in Eastern Europe - Now retired

Layer Tools

Etching on Handle
Etching on Handle

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


The scales are an orange synthetic with black rubber like inserts for extra retention. The scales have a 1/4" hex shaped hole near the tail end which is part of the hex bit-driver incorporated into the frame and scales of the knife.


Versions sold in Bulgaria contain a special etching in the rubber handle insert for the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service.


Introduced in late 2012. Possibly sold from the beginning of 2013.

Excerpt from the Wenger.bg website (translated from bulgarian):

Second edition. The first version of the knife, developed in collaboration with the Mountain Rescue Service of the Republic of Bulgaria to meet the specific requirements for work in the mountains, comes with two different types of chisels - soft and hard materials.
This modified version will find all the advantages of the first model except the awl for soft materials. Now it is replaced with a corkscrew. Anyone who has tried to tighten icy shoelaces during winter walks knows how difficult it is. Using a corkscrew, tight icy walk becomes child's play.

Limited edition of 500 copies, sold only in Bulgaria and 2 more countries. The knife comes with a canvas bag with the ability to attach to a belt or backpack strap.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 130mm (nominal frame size)
  • Width: 37.5mm (widest point)
  • Weight: 297g / 368g with sheath and bits


  • Wenger AN, same for models without Mountain Rescue Service logo.

Related Models

  • Ranger 88 Rescue - Replaces the corkscrew with a cylindrical designed reamer.
  • RangerGrip 90 - One layer thinner: Removes the cap-lifter/screwdriver and awl, replaces the metal file with a shorter version, replaces the corkscrew with the cylindrical designed reamer.

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