Wenger Ranger 73 - Electrician

Wenger Ranger 73 The Wenger Ranger 73, also known as the Electrician, features three tool layers that include folding pliers, and an uncommon 'electrician's' blade suitable for cutting and removing wire and cable shielding.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools



Standard 130mm Ranger black nylon scales with Wenger's Evolution-style ergonomic contours and deep checkering molded into the thumb area on both sides. One side carries the Wenger cross logo, along with 'WENGER' molded into the scales. The cross logo is a push button, which, when depressed, releases the liner-lock on the knife blade.


Ranger 73 Brochure
New Ranger 73 Brochure

A RangerGrip model with yellow scales was also produced.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 130mm
  • Width: 31mm
  • Weight: 218g
  • Length (blade unfolded): 225mm (9")
  • Length (pliers unfolded): 178mm (7")


  • - Yellow scaled model

Related Models

  • Ranger 75 - Replaces the electricians blade with the standard can-opener

Ranger Model Comparison

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