Wenger Ranger 56

Wenger Ranger 56 The Wenger Ranger 56 series is a popular three layer tool configuration. The family includes a number of very similar models that have variations in the style of main blade or scales (handles).
These include the Ranger 78, Ranger 156, Ranger 178 as well as others in the RangerGrip series such as the Wenger RangerGrip 78.
There were also a number of closely related models that include the corkscrew instead of the Phillips screwdriver.
The 130mm Ranger series models have a liner locking main blade, which uses a push button on the handle scale to release the lock.
The RangerGrip series was introduced in 2009 and added rubber grip scale options to popular tool configurations in the 130mm Ranger series.
Ranger 78
Ranger 78

Layer Tools

Ranger 156
Ranger 156
Ranger 178
Ranger 178
  • Locking Main Blade
    • Plain Edge Blade - Ranger 56
    • One-Handed Plain Edge Blade - Ranger 78
    • Partially Serrated Blade - Ranger 156
    • One-Handed Partially Serrated Blade - Ranger 178
  • Wood saw
  • Cap Lifter
  • Can Opener

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools



Black nylon scales, contoured in the Evo style to fit the hand. Deep checkering is molded into the thumb area on both sides. One side carries the Wenger cross logo, along with WENGER  moulded into the scales. The cross logo icon is a push button, which when depressed releases the liner lock on the knife blade. They were only available in black, except for the World Scout series which featured purple scales.

The RangerGrip models have rubber inserts in the handle Evo contours, to allow a soft and reliable grip in all weather conditions. These scales are currently available in black, olive drab, red, and yellow. Although most models only feature one or two color options.


  1. Several models were available in the Ranger and RangerGrip series.
  2. The RangerGrip 78 was the SOSAK 2009 annual knife, and was produced in very limited quantity with the SOSAK logo laser cut in the rubber scale insets.
  3. World Scout editions with purple scales


The Ranger 56, and 156 were introduced with the initial 130mm Ranger series in 2007 which was then known as the New Ranger Series. These models were originally considered part of the 120mm series, but are now classified as 130mm which is closer to their nominal frame size once the handles are included. This separates them from the earlier Original Ranger series which are classified as 120mm knives.

The models 78 and 178 were introduced in 2008, possibly in response to the popularity of Victorinox Trekker.

The RangerGrip series was first released in the spring of 2009, after being shown at the SHOT Show a few months earlier.

These models were discontinued from 2014 when Victorinox ceased production of Wenger knives. However most of these models were introduced as Victorinox Delémonts

New for 2009, the RangerGrip series.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 130mm (nominal size)
  • Width:
  • Weight:


  • 16313 Wenger US: RangerGrip 178 OD Scales
  • 16320 Wenger US: RangerGrip 78
  • ????? Wenger US: RangerGrip 78 OD Scales

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