Wenger Ranger 13

A member of Wenger's original Ranger series. Marketing Image. The Wenger Ranger 13 is a member of the original 120mm Ranger Series and features the folding scisssors/ shears that were introduced with this series.

This model was also known as the Mountain Ranger in some markets.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Blue Scaled Version
Blue Scaled Version

Back Layer Tools


Available in black Nylon synthetic or translucent blue scales - (see image).
Scales have an inlaid red/silver Wenger logo on the top scale and a red lock-release button on the bottom.


Not released in the US likely due to the contract with Buck Knives for the SwissBuck series.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 120mm


  • 1.77.13: Black scales
  • 1.77.15: Translucent blue scales

Related Models

  • Ranger 71 - Gardener - A 130mm 'New Ranger' model with the scissors; Evolution scales; omitting the opener-layer; adding the wood saw

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