Wenger Ranger 08

Wenger Ranger 08, picture by toolguy. The Wenger Ranger 08, also known as the Sabla 08 and the Field Dresser, is a large four-layer Swiss Army Knife featuring a liner-locking main-blade, a gutting blade and a wood saw, in addition to the regular tools.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools


Regular black Nylon scales.
One side has the Wenger cross logo at the top and the Wenger W icon embossed at the bottom. The opposite side has an inset red sliding lock-release button.


Introduced later than the initial availabiliity of the Ranger Series.

Physical Specifications

Length: 120mm
Width: 22.5mm
Weight: 180g


  • 1.77.08: Black scales (US Model Number: 16974 - The Field Dresser)

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