Wenger Ranger 06 - Mountaineer

Mountaineer/Ranger 06 The Wenger Ranger 06 was also known as the Mountaineer, and was a member of the original 120mm Ranger Series. The models in this series had a liner-locking main-blade with a release button on the bottom scale.
The Ranger 106 or Serrated Mountaineer features a partially-serrated main blade, rather than the plain-edged blade of the Ranger 06.

Discontinued - Being superseded by the 'New Ranger' models

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Black Nylon synthetic scales with an inlaid red/silver Wenger logo on the top scale, and a red lock-release button on the bottom.


  1. Ranger 106 Serrated Mountaineer (16470) had a 60% serrated clip-point blade (starting at the tang).
  2. The Wenger Scout Ranger 06 was a special World Organization of Scout Movement (WSO) knife produced to commemorate the organisation's centenary anniversary in 2007. It had black scales imprinted with a special multicolor 2007 WSO logo, as well as the standard WSO logo.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 120mm


  • 1.77.06: Mountaineer (Ranger 06)
  • 1.77.106: Serrated Mountaineer (Ranger 106, 60/40 serrated blade).

US Model Numbers:

  • 16470 Wenger NA: Serrated Mountaineer (60/40).

Related Models

  • Ranger 05 - Replaces the Phillips screwdriver with a corkscrew
  • Ranger 56 - The 'New Ranger' version of this knife


  • Swissmate III - The same tools, but different handles in the SwissBuck series

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