Wenger Left-Handed Swiss Army Knives

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 Wenger produced a number of Swiss Army Knives specifically for those that are left-hand inclined. Generally these different models contained the same tools as their corresponding right-handed models, but were assembled in the reverse order and had important changes like moving the nail-nicks on the tools so that they were still easily accessible in the new left-handed layering. These knives have a special Wenger left-handed icon stamped on the top scale. The individual tools tools use an left to right inverse design if they are not symmetrical; for example the edge on the can-opener is on the opposite side, and the scissors blades are reversed. While the tools on the back of the knives retain their positions relative to their right-handed counterparts, the twist on the corkscrew is reversed for an easier counter-clockwise left-handed operation. Wenger also manufactured some other knives like the Swiss Star, a special knife for preparing reeds for music instruments, in left handed versions. These other knives which basically just use an inverse grind on the blade, essentially changing a chisel-grind blade from a right-sided grind to a left-sided grind. This changing of the grind with Chisel-Grind blades is more common, and used by other manufacturers. The latest models to be manufactured that would be easier to locate are the Evo 14 and the Classic 10. The Classic 10 is really just the newer name for the original Viking.
  Wenger Swiss Army Knife product information in French.    Wenger Swiss Army Knife product information in French.
Wenger Left-Handed SAK Construction
Left Handed Swiss Army Knives - Viking, Traveler,Cyclist
Left-Handed Series Models

Left Handed Swiss Army Knives - Skier, Forester,Matterhorn Plus
Left-Handed Series Models



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Matterhorn Plus

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  1. Apparently, but unconfirmed at this time, some left handed models contain a right-hand twisted corkscrew.


These knives are also known as the Southpaws in the United States.


  • 16232 Wenger-NA: Traveler Left-Handed
  • 16238 Wenger-NA: Viking Left-Handed
  • 16239 Wenger-NA: Forester Left-Handed
  • 16243 Wenger-NA: Cyclist Left-Handed
  • 16296 Wenger-NA: Matterhorn Plus Left-Handed

  • 1.10.102 Wenger AN: Viking Left-Handed w/o keyring and chain
  • 1.10.103 Wenger AN: Viking Left-Handed
  • 1.14.102 Wenger AN: Traveler Left-Handed w/o keyring and chain
  • 1.14.103 Wenger AN: Traveler Left-Handed
  • 1.14.109 Wenger AN: Wenger 14 Left-Handed
  • Wenger AN: EVO 14 Left-Handed
  • 1.17.102 Wenger AN: Forester Left-Handed w/o keyring and chain
  • 1.17.103 Wenger AN: Forester Left-Handed
  • 1.31.102 Wenger AN: Matterhorn Plus Left-Handed w/o keyring and chain
  • 1.31.103 Wenger AN: Matterhorn Plus Left-Handed
  • 1.34.103 Wenger AN: Skier Left-Handed
  • 1.35.111 Wenger AN: Cyclist Left-Handed

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