Wenger Leather and Steel

Minathor Lizard Club Version 1.551.46.702 During 2000-2010 the Wenger company released special versions of some of their Swiss Army Knives, featuring metal handles, inlaid with leather. These models were known as the Leather and Steel Series.

One group of these models were the Minathor Club versions, which had steel scales with custom leather insets, and were supplied with a matching leather knife pouch. The leather detailing for the Club versions was provided by Schweizer & Schoepf (S&S). Originally five different Club versions were available, each in a different colour and leather type (see below).
Wenger later produced some small special-runs of other models not involving Schweizer & Schoepf, that were not officially Club Versions, but had leather insets in metal handles, but without a matching pouch. These editions featured different packaging and cases.

Another custom model, the Special Edition, was also released as part of this series. It was limited to only 500 pieces, individual knives were marked 'xxx/500' on the main blade. Apparently this model was only sold in Europe.

The Leather and Steel Series also included the luxury Cigar, Golfer, Fisherman and Traveler models.

Discontinued models.

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MultiTool.org thread on Leather and Steel Series.


Model name Identifier Leather Colour Notes
Minathor 700 1.551.46.700 Crocodile Brown/tan S&S Club Model 700
Minathor 701 1.551.46.701 Shark Green S&S Club Model 701
Minathor 702 1.551.46.702 Lizard Red S&S Club Model 702
Minathor 703 1.551.46.703 Caribou Blue S&S Club Model 703
Minathor 704 1.551.46.704 Calf Tan S&S Club Model 704
Minathor 706 1.551.46.706 Calf Black
Minathor 707 1.551.46.707 Calf T an
Minathor 713 1.551.46.713 Cariboo Black
Special Edition 156.34.567 Regular Black Blade lock; pliers; magnifying glass
Cigar 704 Regular Black
Luxury Traveler Regular Grey
Luxury Traveler 704 Caribou Black
Luxury Traveler 707 Calf Black
Luxury Traveler 707 OROTON Calf Black OROTON Edition Model
Golfer Limited Edition Sharkskin Green
Fisherman Limited Edition Sharkskin Blue


Leather and Steel Family shot
Leather and Steel Family shot
Wenger Minathor 702 and 703 from Wenger 2010 EU Catalog
Minathor 702 and 703
Cigar 704 from Wenger 2010 EU Catalog
Cigar 704

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