Wenger Footballer 32

Soccer sports themed Wenger knife. The Footballer 32 is one of three models in the Wenger Sport Footballer Series designed for the footballer (soccer player in Canada and US) with the inclusion of a boot stud cleat wrench. This model is the smallest/slimmest of the footballer models with only two tool layers and is named the Soccer in Canada and the US.

See also the three-layer Footballer 30; and the four-layer Footballer 31.

Discontinued models.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools


Standard red synthetic scales with a screen printed footballer/soccer player graphic imprint.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm


  • 1.92.32: (US model numbers: 19232 and 16959 - Note: Seems to be an error printed in a Wenger catalog)

Related Models 

  • Footballer 30 - Three layers; the nailfile replaces the combo tool; adds the can-opener and cap-lifter/screwdriver
  • Footballer 31 - Four layers; the nailfile replaces the combo tool; adds the can-opener, cap-lifter/screwdriver and scissors

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