Wenger Fishhook File

The fishhook file is an aluminum rod with a fine ceramic and diamond coating designed for sharpening fish-hooks. It is included on some older Wenger models designed for fishermen. The file has a groove on one side to sharpen the points of the fish hooks. The file is mounted in a metal housing with a white primer-like finish that serves as the pivoting attachment method for the tool. The file is also available with a fly-tying notch. The sharpener itself is made of a black or light blue ceramic material.
The tool is no longer available.

Manufacturing Variations

  1. The diamond impregnated ceramic file material is either light blue or black in color. It is not known if there is any functional difference between the two materials.
  2. The fly-tying notch was only included on some files, depending on the knife model that contained the file.
  3. The fly-tying notch was sometimes cut before the ceramic coating was applied, and sometimes it was cut afterwards, showing the bare metal (see image below).


Fishhook file variations
Fishhook file variations
Fish-hook file in the Troller model
Fish-hook file in the Troller model

Fish-hook file with fly-tying notch
Fish-hook file with fly-tying notch

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