Wenger Air Traveler

Wenger Esquire with a Micro screwdriver instead of a blade. The Wenger Air Traveler replaces the usual small pen-blade with an eyeglass/micro-screwdriver so it meets commercial passenger airline security regulations, and can also be carried in other more restricted areas. If one already carries a larger knife, then this model may complement it by adding some useful pocket tools without redundancy.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Regular red synthetic scales are standard.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 65mm


A Realtree Hardwoods scaled version with the same tool configuration was sold as an OptiTool, even though a different configuration uses that name. This version has grey anti-reflective coated tools.


  • 16912: Red synthetic scales
  • 16459: Realtree Hardwoods in blister pack; sold as OptiTool

Both US format model numbers

Related Models

  • OptiTool - A small blade replaces the nail-file
  • Esquire - The micro screwdriver is replaced with the regular pen-blade
  • Swiss Clipper AT - Adds the folding nail-clipper
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