Watchmaker Toolkit

The Watchmaker's Toolkit is a fold out case in the Wenger Minathor Swiss Army Knife, that includes several specialised tools from the micro-tools manufacturer Bergeon, for the expert watchmaker/repairer, or for general micro-technology use.
The case has fourteen individual tool slots; in its standard configuration it is supplied with eight tools, two of which require two slots, so there are four empty slots. The small lip on the head of the fine tweezers is used to easily lift the tools out of the toolkit.
The Minathor also included the Bergeon tool handle/holder (6744-PG), which is a fairly slim handle, without swivel, that fits into an additional tool layer and holds the micro-tool bits when in use. The bits will also fit into several other compatible Bergeon handles.

Standard Toolkit Contents:

  1. Pin punch bit - 1.2mm
  2. Pin punch bit - 0.8mm
  3. Reamer - 0.55mm
  4. The reamer extends into this slot
  5. Empty in the standard configuration
  6. Empty in the standard configuration
  7. Fine springbar fork bit
  8. Screwdriver bit - 1.2mm
  9. Screwdriver bit - 0.8mm
  10. Round file
  11. The round file extends into this slot
  12. Empty in the standard configuration
  13. Empty in the standard configuration
  14. Phillips screwdriver bit - 1.5mm

Companion Set

Wenger offered a standard Companion/Complement Set containing an additional  four tools, as a separate item.

The Minathor 20 Set includes:

  1. Straight screwdriver bit - 1mm
  2. Straight screwdriver bit - 1.5mm
  3. Straight screwdriver bit - 2mm
  4. Phillips screwdriver bit - 2mm

Minathor Micro-Tool Guide
Minathor Micro-Tool Guide
Complement Tool Set for the Minathor
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