Watch Case Opener Victorinox

Victorinox 84mm Alox knife with a watch case opener blade and main blade. The Watch Case Opener is an 84mm Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox. It is available in both 84mm frame and scale types: Slim/smooth Alox and traditional/Cellidor.

The custom-designed watch-case opener blade is used to open the back of watches that use a snap-back, or pressure fit, case.

These special-purpose models are usually made for jewelry and watch companies and include company advertising on the scales. They are available for purchase from various watch companies.

Layer Tools

Black-Scaled Advertising Alox Version
Black-Scaled Advertising Alox Version
Cellidor  Watch Case Opener
Cellidor Watch Case Opener

The size and shape of the watch-case opener blade has varied over the years.

Back Layer Tools


Scale Tools

For the variations with Cellidor or Nylon scales only:


  • This SAK usually comes in various smooth, colored Alox scales, imprinted with company names/brands and colours to match.
  • Stainless Steel scales have been manufactured, also usually engraved with company names.
  • It has also been available with Cellidor or Nylon scales in different colors


Cellidor/Nylon versions are also available in the Tourist-style 84mm frame, and usually come with toothpick and tweezers.


There are many of these models with the Victoria tang stamp on the back of the main blades indicating Victorinox has been producing these models for many decades.


  • 2.2102: RegularTourist-stlyle 84mm frame; red Cellidor scales

Related Models

  • Secretary - Replaces the watch-case opener blade with a small pen-blade
  • SwissChamp XAVT - and XXLT - The only other models to include the watch-case opener blade


  • Watch Case Opener - Similar Wenger model
  • Minathor - A much larger Wenger model with many tools made specifically for watch and jewelry professionals

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