Smooth alox 84mm Voyageur The Voyageur is a two-layer 84mm Victorinox knife with either smooth or ribbed Alox scales.
The Voyageur has a close Cellidor relative, the model 232k, which is the same as the early Alox Voyageur models that contain the cap-lifter rather than the newer combo opener tool, this model was also available with toothpick and tweezers (Model 232ka).

Discontinued model.

Name Disambiguation:
This model was also known as the Tourist and appears in some older catalogs under that name, however due to confusion with the later Cellidor Tourist, the SAK community has taken to calling this model the Voyageur ... which itself should not be confused with the more recent 91mm Voyager!

Layer Tools


Most Voyagers had the early horizontally ribbed Alox scales in silver or red, with silver being the most common. Models with smooth Alox scales were also available, although much less common than the ribbed Alox.

Alox Voyageurs
Alox Voyageurs


Later models replaced the cap-lifter with the combo tool.
According to Victorinox this model was discontinued in 1986.


  1. Elinox and Victorinox tang stamp versions.
  2. Available with and without the keyring.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 9mm
  • Weight: 51g


This model was previously numbered as follows:

  • 2232r+ - Red scales
  • 2232s+ - Silver scales

When the model numbering system changed in 1982, the new numbers were:

  • 0.1500.26 - Silver ribbed Alox
  • 0.1501.26 - Silver ribbed Alox with keyring
  • 0.1500.16 - Silver smooth Alox
  • 0.1501.16 - Silver smooth Alox with keyring
  • 0.1500.20 - Red ribbed Alox
  • 0.1501.20 - Red ribbed Alox with keyring
  • 0.1500.10 - Red smooth Alox
  • 0.1501.10 - Red smooth Alox with keyring

Related Models

  • Lumberjack and Model 2231 - Replaces the scissors with a wood saw; Cellidor scales are typical, but Alox versions also available
  • Bantam - Single layer, no scissors, Alox or Cellidor scales
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